This website and its associated monitoring services are provided by DHDH Ltd of 3 Empress Mews, London, SE5 9BT.

Some of the services we offer are provided free of charge - we reserve the right to charge for them in the future and may adjust your subscription accordingly. However, we will not require payment without your express consent.

If you use a company or organisation email address to subscribe to our services, we may refer to the company or organisation in our promotional literature. If you would prefer us not to do that, please get in touch to let us know.

Privacy and your data

In order to provide our monitoring services, we keep a record of the data you provide us, including your email address and topic preferences. We will retain this data for as long as you continue to subscribe to our services. We may also hold data such as email addresses and other contact details for marketing purposes. Some of this may have been obtained from third party sources such as social networking sites and publicly available registers. We hold this data on the basis of the legitimate interest arising from our provision of monitoring services.

Our monitoring systems use Artificial Intelligence systems that use the preferences you have set - largely the topics that you have subscribed to - to make decisions about the content to include in your monitoring reports.

We may also use this information to send you advertising and marketing material, including material relating to the products and services of third parties. We will only send you what we believe to be relevant and we will not share your information, preferences, or contact data with third parties. We may share aggregated and/or anonymised data about our subcribers with third parties.

If you want to know what (if any) information we've got about you, just ask.

To help us keep track of who we've contacted and who we haven't, we intend to keep the data we use for marketing indefinitely. That said, if you'd like us to delete any information we've got about you, then let us know.


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We have provided more information about each of the types of cookie that we use in the table below, along with information about how to disable the cookies used by this site.

Cookie type Set by Purpose To disable it
Cookie settings EU Insider Keeping track of your cookie settings!
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